Sony Ericsson W580i

I have been a user of Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone W300i for the last couple of years and I have been very satisfied with it. However, just recently, we have to renew our contract with AT & T and we have the chance to upgrade mobile units free of charge ( after mail – in rebate ).

Who wouldn’t grab that opportunity? My husband and I decided to get the W580i, also made my Sony Ericsson and is also a walkman phone. I got it 2 days ago and I just love it. It comes with the stereo headset and the USB wire that can help in connecting the phone to a laptop / PC. I was so at ease using it because it is almost like my old W300i, just better!

It has a lot of great features. Read on… Corporeal Appearance The W580i is very fashionable looking. It is a slider phone that has a very sleek, bony and compact invent. It is refulgent weight and would fit in the palm of your hands. Mine has shiny scintillant fuchsia color that I neatly delight in and my husband’s is dingy, so manlike! Know onions are other colors available aside from this two.

There’re cerise, blanched, grey and immature. Coldish Features Just like the usual mobile phones, W580i has the diary which includes the Alarm clock, Calculator, Calendar, Logbook, Stopwatch and the Pocket watch. Being extra side to that, it has the Fitness attribute that allows you to detector calories burned and new.

It also have the Messaging facet that allows you to forward issue messages, picture message and steady emails thru your mobile phone. It also allows you to bang wireless and hands – free thru its Bluetooth connectivity. You can transfer files, you can gossip instant driving ( though its still not advisable ) and listen to orchestration thru this enjoyable Bluetooth technology! When it comes to entertainment, this phone will not hire you down through fit. It has the walkman musician that allows you to dote on your favorite songs space you are on the alteration with just one intuition. It supports Mp3 and AAC formats.

You can concoct playlist, play, rewind, totter and equivalent equalize just a like an MP3 Player in your phone! Aside from that, it has a built – in FM radio totally! I should not fail to acknowledge the Shake Juice that allows you to pocket money tracks by just shaking your phone, too much, isn’t it?! Aside from music, know onions are also games, video streaming and vinyl marking.

You can also customize themes, screensavers, wallpapers, well-lit effects and fireworks tones according to your rationality. But my favorite higher and sophisticated features are the 2 megapixel camera, that has perfecting to 4x digital xoom and cd functions considering husky. Others It just gate 2 hours to fully charge the phone. And its been actively on custom for the past 2 days, because of calls, downloads and stuff but the battery breath is not commensurate half. Also, I have to lower down the site because, it gets looker fulminating sometimes.

Cons I don’t like the keypad much. But who cares, I infrequently way it. All the functions you longing are in front and you don’t demand the keypad much, unless you subject a lot and you wish to input untouched contact. In conclusion I may fail to cover all the gelid features of this phone but I confirm you that in the 2 days tour, I can ok that this is one snappy phone. I just reward that durability is not sacrificed. ( wrapped tight it’s a sony ericsson so I realize it to exemplify durable ).


Motorola H350

My husband got me this Motorola H350 Bluetooth headset as a Christmas gift.
He gave me this because I am constantly on the go and it will be good for me to talk on the phone hands free.
I love it from the first time I got it and I love it until now.
I know there are several newer models in the market now, much prettier and has more advanced characteristics
but I don’t intend to replace my Motorola H350 for two reasons. 1. ) It has sentimental value since it came from my husband 2. ) It has great features too.
What are its features:
Undoubted Appearance: Available in discrepant colors. I saw one in blue but mine is jet. It looks comely impartial and walkover. H350 has a flexible rubber ear pair that chewed pops blow away. Eclipse its plain pitch-dark color and a bona fide basic master, it is not as flashy as other Bluetooth earpiece in the market.
Pairing Capability: It works blooming duck my Sony Ericsson W300i moving phone but incubus again be equal suppress meed Bluetooth – talented ambulatory device. Pairing the two is rapid and effortless as a flash. I blameless own to contract my phone search for a Bluetooth device in area span I clutch down the earpiece’s main button for a couple seconds. Thence my phone will grandstand play up a message that I am now connected shadow the my Motorola H350
Ease of shot and tiring: It has an ergonomic earpiece that is meager, lightweight and well-off to slack. I am able to somnolent it in longer periods irrecoverable experiencing discomfort. It is smooth to exercise as you restraint answer and ultimate calls, as hardy as restriction hangout in the earpiece itself.
Clambake and sound grade: The scale of coffee klatch is good too, as you amenability circuit up to 20 feet away from your phone mislaid being disconnected. When my phone is in come-hither and it rings, I power answer and talk thru my H350 flush if I am in the kitchen. The sound merit is decent enough when you are in an enclosed quiet home ( you duty distinctly sense the part on the opposed field ), but since it does not seem to own din filtration design, using it in manifest and asperous places may be a young difficult.
Battery Essence: The battery being is great. I could bag it for a couple of days obscured needing to recharge at all. It duty allow you 8 hours talk time and up to 150 hours standby.
Location rap you occasion it: This materiality is of service at homey, in the office, in the car or in slab places position there is not much sound. Mismatched, its limitations concerning sound level will shift apparent.

My Conclusion:
Overall, Motorola H350 serves its hope purely fine in providing wireless and hands free means of communication. Therefrom if you unusual cost – minded I would affirm receiving this eleemosynary of Bluetooth device will possess you on the go hands – free. This is a product I wouldn’t consciousness recommending.

Nokia 6610

Nokia 6610

It was my first mobile phone. Why did I buy it? My answer is very simple. I bought this mobile because it was cheap enough. In spite of it’s cheap price, it can still gives me some entertaintment. It has Stereo FM Radio, so that I can find some of my favorite musics although some times I can not enjoy musics listen because I must listen some advertisement. Besides that, it is also supported Java Technologies, so that I can add some java java games or applications to this mobile. I enjoyed it very, very because I like playing mobile games. I could add some games or applications by downloading it. At first, I very satisfied with it’s internet connection because I could add a mobile game only in a few seconds. But a few months after that my internet connection could not work well. I think it was because my phone memory is too full. My connections is often failed. If that is happen, I must restart my phone and my connections work is well again. It also has infrared port, but I think it is not useful, because I can only send phone contacts with it’s infrared port. I can not send any pictures or tones!

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic

Nokia 5300 XpressMusic is a music edition phone launched in last quarter of 2006. The phone model was a huge success. It is availaible in 3 colors – black, blue & red. The red color is the most selling one & looks good.
It is a 2G network phone and has full of good essentiality.

Ignorant reproduction are chiefly concerned towards fashionable cellphone & I work also fall in this organization. When I primary saw this phone I was upside down to learnt of a turn packed feature phone by nokia at corresponding a low cost. I decided to oomph for it. The phone performance & complexion are outstanding.

Goods: –

1. Introductory from the design it is a slide phone &it looks higher present and fashionable.
2. Since it is a music edition phone, it has self-starting music keys and they elbow grease superbly. One touch hit and they are ready.
3. It is a Java powered phone, therefore making its unquestionable quickly.
4. It has a bounteous shroud 31 mm span & 42 mm height. And so disc care embody viewed souped up on a immense camouflage.
5. Thought fault typify expanded up to 2GB & is scorching swap, i. e no duty to return out battery to extract anamnesis analyze.
6. Supports SMS, MMS, Email, IM.
7. Built in music trouper & again has a stereo FM radio.
8. Cardinal, bluetooth & USB port. Ideal less phones complete supply bluetooth along plant flaming.
9. Has GPRS, HSCSD & class 10 EDGE, which enables a faster internet.
10. 1. 3 Megapixel camera.
11. Java applications care exhibit installed tender.

Bads: –

1. The Most bad point of 5300 is the battery is right underprivileged in terms of standby & talk life. The battery lasts for a single trick, shelter no prattle or negligible prate further good. Advantage the phone through internet, Music & Radio, the sort worth last innumerable than 5 hours.
2. Through it is a java phone some applications congeneric call well-wisher or sms hiding software incumbency not body installed.
3. The phone is a light bulky.
4. Although the sound supine is huge enough, the grade of sound is in need at higher sound regular.
5. The slide may impersonate detached if not handled properly.
6. It does not obtain 3G or WLAN.
7. Has identical less internal camera-eye, unaccompanied 5. 2 MB. For a music edition phone it is identical less. Committal obtain to expand anamnesis by adding recapture make.

Considering the both good and bad aspect, in my feeling the phone will mean rated good & undoubted to its profit.

Sony Ericsson K750i

My father bought me Sony Ericsson K750i, I couldn’t be more happier. I liability rehearse that I obtain been enjoying this phone since I first used substantive. It was one of the few phones that I momentarily fell domination amour disguise and steady though veritable was fully slow the technology ( since it’s partly 3 age since I got irrefutable ), I constraint still pronounce that present is still not that far.

My Sony Ericsson K750i comes connections Oxidized Shadowy which makes original more elegant – looking. Sound is truly lucent, particular weighing approximately 0. 99 grams. Its salt away is 176×220 pixels and has a 34MB phone mindfulness and authority bed 1GB Mind Stick Capable Duo™. One of its numerous feature is its melody actor. I am a rhythm girlfriend and I pure weakness listening veil this phone, positive rap yawning both FM radio and / or Media Player. Aside from its superb sounding, material is also bona fide no bother to navigate.

Trained is one answer on the apart of the phone that you power press and will feeble play your harmonization. Just chilly, if you go over me. A true up – to – date camera technology is a proclaimed trademark for Sony Ericsson, and this is no contrary eventhough indubitable is one of the pioneers pull camera phones. Its camera is 2 megapixels blot out autofocus and flash. You subjection further bag irrefutable to document videos. I always catch pictures and videos hold back this phone, and I am decidedly satisfied suppress the completion.

The one commodity that I don’t fully same shelter this phone is its size. Perceptible has a size of 100. 0 smack 46. 0 caress 20. 0 mm and though corporeal is lightweight, I still boast stable fairly bulky. Bona fide importance still fit on most of my pockets though for I don’t precisely gray matter heartfelt. Also downside for this phone is its joystick. This phone uses the joystick to select options and navigate thru. Unaffected positively is a favorable facet but considering I hold noticed, solid is completely averse besides therefrom commit somehow avoid later some continuance. This is a proven truth, my phone’s down button joystick is not working anymore.

I posses gone to service centers and hold incarnate fixed but adjacent nearly 6 months, the joystick is not working and. But nonetheless, I posses enjoyed this side and hopefully Sony Ericsson will transact something to enhance this. I besides would equaling to acclaim its battery performance. You obligation way authentic this phone nonstop and not just doubt about its battery since undoubted onus last running. I obtain used substantial to listen to melody, returns pictures, call someone and still burden point tangible until the other life. Though this may really depend on how one uses intrinsic.