NOKIA 6110 Navigator

This the new gadget era with navigator feature. Many people have used this gadget and most of them was enjoy using the  gadget.

My experienced using this gadget. The only setback I encountered was the battery running low very quickly but this was easily remedied by plugging the gadget  into my vehicle’s cigarette lighter via a travel charger. The other annoyance is the devices small screen and lack of mounting brackets, which makes it nearly impossible to view the on-screen map or information, and therefore you have to rely solely on the voice prompts given. It’s a minor complaint but if such a device has any hope of replacing a dedicated GPS unit in the future, then the manufacturers better find a way to incorporate a bigger, brighter screen with the unit as well as a set of mounting brackets for the dashboard or windscreen. The voice prompts are loud and clear thanks to a pair of speakers on the rear of the device and can be heard clearly over my cars sound system.

As a mobile gadget, the 6110 Navigator performs as well as we’ve come to expect from Nokia. When not using the GPS, battery life is quite good, call quality and signal reception is very reliable. A host of standard features like 3G, bluetooth, a memory card slot and a 2MP camera round out the package. The device uses a slide form factor and my only complaint is with the hard plastic keys on the numerical keypad and a tight, flush mounted volume rocker that is nearly impossible to press. Taking the gadget price point into consideration though, you’d be hard pressed to find another device with such a high level of ‘convergence’ that performs as well as the Navigator does.


The Nokia E90 Communicator

This gadget has a battery life that can last for 24 hours of heavy duty work. If it’s plain SMS and call only, expect it to last until the next day. It cost me around $1,000+. Really expensive, but the features of the Communicator compliments the price. Other than that, everything is superb with this gadget!

Its design is very sophisticated and looks very professional. You can also use it in two different ways because it is convertible which a very cool feature. This gadget also has two cameras- a 3.2 mega pixel auto-focus camera with flash and a second camera that can be used for video conferencing.

As an events coordinator, I’m going places all over the country. Most of the time, I am not familiar with the places I need to go to. This gadget is just my best friend in finding routes and locating services. It has an integrated GPS and Nokia Maps Application. I don’t need to worry of getting lost while traveling.

I think ou Will try this gadget too

Sony Ericsson K618i

SE K618i is a gadget which completed with 2 MP camera and VGA camera, the VGA camera is just for make a video call. The quality of it’s camera is standard, not really good but not really bad. It don’t has flash on camera, so when you take a picture in a dark it’s looks dark. The screen is not big enough just about 1.8 inch with TFT 262,144 colors and 176 x 220 pixel. You can also record video in QCIF format in this gadget.

I use this gadget phone just for a little while, because i exchange my phone with my friend. Though now the new series of SE K618i is not produced, if you wanna buy it, you can buy the second one.

To play the song, MP3 player is available in this gadget, you can play MP3 without add some application, it’;s automatic. The external memory use memory stick micro (M2), but the internal memory is only 16 MB.
But I’m not really satisfied with this gadget because it don’t had radio FM. The other weakness from this gadget is pretty fragile if you often change simcard, the software is hang, I got this problem once, but it can fix it by flashing this phone.

LG stainless steel phone (LG VX8700)

My friends experiences with this gadget. He told me that this is not worthly gadget. here is his experience using this gadet:

“I have had it for a little over a year now and I have had so many problems with it. I thought it was really cool when I got it because it is stainless steel. It looks sleek and really nice. However because it is stainless steel it gets really hot when you talk on it for a while. I can’t have very long conversations because it heats up and I can’t hold it to my ear.”

I think this gadget is not godd as its advertise in tv.How about you ?

Do You have same experience uising this gadget like my friends?


The iphone gadget has now become a part of my life I don’t know if I could live without. This gadget has changed my lifestyle with it’s clever apps that make my everyday life easier. When I can roll out of bed in the morning and check my iphone for the weather, stock, and morning news in under three minutes and get a beat on the day before I have even had my cup of coffee that’s the best feeling in the world. So what are you waiting for? Go out and get the iphone and start living your life like you have your own personal assistant in your pocket that just can’t wait to do your bidding! over all a ilove this gadget.

I bought the this gadget about two months ago and I could not be any more pleased with it’s performance than I am. I have previously owned two Blackberry smart-phones before the iphone gadget and how Apple has integrated a fully functional internet browser and simplified text messaging to an art-form I can’t imagine every going back to another company for my mobile phone gadget needs. Most of the people that I talked to before I purchased my iphone bragged about how it was cool and sleek and is the new “cool phone” to have, but once I actually got it I realized that was all just a plus.

Motorola ZN5

Motorola has tied up with Kodak to introduce this black beauty. The picture can also be edited with in the phone using the Kodak software. I was stunned that, when I was taking picture its like shooting a rifle. Camera response was too good that touch of button will give you the snap. It was the first camera in my life which didn’t lags while taking photos. Takes multiple shots fastly. The screen of phone is also excellent. Watching videos is an amazing part of it. Video recording is also good. Photo quality is perfect that any other phones. It has a tv output, when I connected to tv, my eye was filled with great image quality.

Lets turn the heat on, its has a good build quality. The phone looks like Moto Rokr E8. Rubber grip is provided around the phone which is essential while taking pictures between our finger. Keypad is almost flat, obviously it would take time to become friendly with the key, which is the special feature of Motorola. The phone got wifi, which great reception, but the problem behind battery. Sometimes battery drains out when I working with wifi. Battery status is unreliable, even if I charged for 10 minutes the battery shows full strength. The interface is also some buggy thing to used with. At last for 17 k Rs, the camera lovers should buy this phone, this is the one you are looking for!
Hello Moto!

Nokia N73 Music Edition (2GB)

A 3.2 MP camera housed on the back is decent enough to capture quality images in good lighting, but suffers a little in low light conditions. The N73 is also capable of recording video, restricted only by the capacity of your memory card. JAVA games work well, but thanks to a fiddly thumb stick, control is inaccurate and frustrating. The phone is able to handle videos in the .3gp format, but trying to watch anything longer than a two or three minute video clip will make you cross-eyed. As a portable MP3 player, the phone performs pretty decently, able to handle files and playlists with relevant ease, but at the cost of the battery, which lasts about a day or two with moderate usage, but once you start using the multimedia features, that figure is pretty much halved.

The device benefits from Nokia’s market leading expertise, and is a solidly built handset with a large, bright LCD screen. The phone comes bundled with a set of headphones, a wall charger, a USB cable, a 2GB memory card, an instruction booklet and a CD with the PC SUITE software for syncing your phone to your computer. The phone features 3G and due to its strong signal detection (which will still vary based on network performance) I more often than not use the phone as a 3G modem to connect to the Internet via my laptop. Thanks to the phone’s bluetooth capabilities, no cords are required to establish a connection.

he Nokia N73 Music Edition is part of Nokia’s N-Series range of smart phones and is the second iteration of the popular Nokia N73. The N73 Music Edition features an all black casing, an included 2GB memory card, upgraded software and a dedicated music key, but other than that, it remains largely unchanged from its predecessor.

Sadly, the same problems from its first iteration still plague the device such as the phone taking a long time to load applications or freezing altogether, requiring a complete restart. The software is buggy and has a very slow response time, and scrolling through images or videos on the device is a nightmare. The thumb stick and tiny numerical keys are also problematic, especially for people with larger hands, and often you’ll find yourself entering the incorrect digit or selecting the incorrect option from the menu as a result. The camera lens cover that activates the camera when slid back seems cheap and fragile, and often causes the phone to freeze when pulled back. The 3.2MP camera delivers decent quality pictures but nowhere near the quality of dedicated digital imaging devices.

All in all, the phone is packed with features that are sadly not well implemented and due to the buggy software and poor performance of the device this was a missed opportunity for Nokia.