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Nokia N73 Music Edition (2GB)

A 3.2 MP camera housed on the back is decent enough to capture quality images in good lighting, but suffers a little in low light conditions. The N73 is also capable of recording video, restricted only by the capacity of your memory card. JAVA games work well, but thanks to a fiddly thumb stick, control is inaccurate and frustrating. The phone is able to handle videos in the .3gp format, but trying to watch anything longer than a two or three minute video clip will make you cross-eyed. As a portable MP3 player, the phone performs pretty decently, able to handle files and playlists with relevant ease, but at the cost of the battery, which lasts about a day or two with moderate usage, but once you start using the multimedia features, that figure is pretty much halved.

The device benefits from Nokia’s market leading expertise, and is a solidly built handset with a large, bright LCD screen. The phone comes bundled with a set of headphones, a wall charger, a USB cable, a 2GB memory card, an instruction booklet and a CD with the PC SUITE software for syncing your phone to your computer. The phone features 3G and due to its strong signal detection (which will still vary based on network performance) I more often than not use the phone as a 3G modem to connect to the Internet via my laptop. Thanks to the phone’s bluetooth capabilities, no cords are required to establish a connection.

he Nokia N73 Music Edition is part of Nokia’s N-Series range of smart phones and is the second iteration of the popular Nokia N73. The N73 Music Edition features an all black casing, an included 2GB memory card, upgraded software and a dedicated music key, but other than that, it remains largely unchanged from its predecessor.

Sadly, the same problems from its first iteration still plague the device such as the phone taking a long time to load applications or freezing altogether, requiring a complete restart. The software is buggy and has a very slow response time, and scrolling through images or videos on the device is a nightmare. The thumb stick and tiny numerical keys are also problematic, especially for people with larger hands, and often you’ll find yourself entering the incorrect digit or selecting the incorrect option from the menu as a result. The camera lens cover that activates the camera when slid back seems cheap and fragile, and often causes the phone to freeze when pulled back. The 3.2MP camera delivers decent quality pictures but nowhere near the quality of dedicated digital imaging devices.

All in all, the phone is packed with features that are sadly not well implemented and due to the buggy software and poor performance of the device this was a missed opportunity for Nokia.

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