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Samsung really dropped the ball on this device, given their track record for producing stylish and well-engineered phones in the past. Its as if this phone was released while still in the testing phase. It is crammed with features, but good luck trying to get any of them to work due to the awful click wheel and heat sensitive buttons. Avoid this device at all costs, since using it frustrating to say the least.

he U700 is a slim slider phone with a polished mirror finish, directional click wheel and heat sensitive call and end buttons that screams sleek and stylish, but is so poorly implemented that I cannot in good conscience recommend this phone to anyone.

It is crammed with features such as 3G HSDPA, a 3.2 MP camera, media playback, video recording capabilities, hands free speaker and all the other bells and whistles that cellular phones come with today.

The mirror finish is so prone to smudges, especially when pressed up to the ear that you’ll have a hard time looking at the screen even when its lit up. The paint job is so poorly done that it actually cracks and peels off the phone, leaving it looking as if the dog chewed it up. I know three other people who own this phone and each one of theirs looks the same. The heat sensitive buttons are simply awful, causing you to end a call while in mid conversation sometimes and at other times refusing to even answer a call. The click wheel is over sensitive, and proves a nightmare to scroll through the menu options.

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