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iPhone Battery

I took it outside and tried my car charger. It did work, yet my phone only held a charge for about an hour or so. I have just read on the internet that you have to send the iPhone to Apple and they put a new battery in, and it cost $85! Why would I want to spend that much on a phone that the service sucks? My phone isn’t even a year and a half old yet. I think that is nuts that it needs a new battery. I will miss surfing on the devise when traveling, but it is too expensive of a toy, and a rotten phone.

The iPhone comes with a charger that can either plug into your computer or into the electrical outlet. A few months ago when we were away for the weekend the cord refused to work, and I could not charge it. At the time I thought it was the cord. But when I got home, I tried plugging it into the computer, and it charged. After that the cord started to work again. I had forgotten about the cord not working at the motel. Anyway, the other day I noticed it running down quickly. But when I tried to plug it in, it did just what it did at the motel, refuses to charge.

I already wrote a review about my iPhone, but that was before I started having new problems with it. As I mentioned in my first review the reception sucks. But since I already had the phone and have a 2 year contract with AT&T I am stuck with it. But recently my battery refuses to stay charged. But it isn’t just the fact it won’t stay charge, I am having a problem getting it charged.

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