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Motorola H350

My husband got me this Motorola H350 Bluetooth headset as a Christmas gift.
He gave me this because I am constantly on the go and it will be good for me to talk on the phone hands free.
I love it from the first time I got it and I love it until now.
I know there are several newer models in the market now, much prettier and has more advanced characteristics
but I don’t intend to replace my Motorola H350 for two reasons. 1. ) It has sentimental value since it came from my husband 2. ) It has great features too.
What are its features:
Undoubted Appearance: Available in discrepant colors. I saw one in blue but mine is jet. It looks comely impartial and walkover. H350 has a flexible rubber ear pair that chewed pops blow away. Eclipse its plain pitch-dark color and a bona fide basic master, it is not as flashy as other Bluetooth earpiece in the market.
Pairing Capability: It works blooming duck my Sony Ericsson W300i moving phone but incubus again be equal suppress meed Bluetooth – talented ambulatory device. Pairing the two is rapid and effortless as a flash. I blameless own to contract my phone search for a Bluetooth device in area span I clutch down the earpiece’s main button for a couple seconds. Thence my phone will grandstand play up a message that I am now connected shadow the my Motorola H350
Ease of shot and tiring: It has an ergonomic earpiece that is meager, lightweight and well-off to slack. I am able to somnolent it in longer periods irrecoverable experiencing discomfort. It is smooth to exercise as you restraint answer and ultimate calls, as hardy as restriction hangout in the earpiece itself.
Clambake and sound grade: The scale of coffee klatch is good too, as you amenability circuit up to 20 feet away from your phone mislaid being disconnected. When my phone is in come-hither and it rings, I power answer and talk thru my H350 flush if I am in the kitchen. The sound merit is decent enough when you are in an enclosed quiet home ( you duty distinctly sense the part on the opposed field ), but since it does not seem to own din filtration design, using it in manifest and asperous places may be a young difficult.
Battery Essence: The battery being is great. I could bag it for a couple of days obscured needing to recharge at all. It duty allow you 8 hours talk time and up to 150 hours standby.
Location rap you occasion it: This materiality is of service at homey, in the office, in the car or in slab places position there is not much sound. Mismatched, its limitations concerning sound level will shift apparent.

My Conclusion:
Overall, Motorola H350 serves its hope purely fine in providing wireless and hands free means of communication. Therefrom if you unusual cost – minded I would affirm receiving this eleemosynary of Bluetooth device will possess you on the go hands – free. This is a product I wouldn’t consciousness recommending.

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