iPhone Battery

I took it outside and tried my car charger. It did work, yet my phone only held a charge for about an hour or so. I have just read on the internet that you have to send the iPhone to Apple and they put a new battery in, and it cost $85! Why would I want to spend that much on a phone that the service sucks? My phone isn’t even a year and a half old yet. I think that is nuts that it needs a new battery. I will miss surfing on the devise when traveling, but it is too expensive of a toy, and a rotten phone.

The iPhone comes with a charger that can either plug into your computer or into the electrical outlet. A few months ago when we were away for the weekend the cord refused to work, and I could not charge it. At the time I thought it was the cord. But when I got home, I tried plugging it into the computer, and it charged. After that the cord started to work again. I had forgotten about the cord not working at the motel. Anyway, the other day I noticed it running down quickly. But when I tried to plug it in, it did just what it did at the motel, refuses to charge.

I already wrote a review about my iPhone, but that was before I started having new problems with it. As I mentioned in my first review the reception sucks. But since I already had the phone and have a 2 year contract with AT&T I am stuck with it. But recently my battery refuses to stay charged. But it isn’t just the fact it won’t stay charge, I am having a problem getting it charged.


Samsung J600

This is just one of the problems the phone suffers from, secondly the battery backup is just very ordinary. Doesn’t give even a day of standby back up and if we use it for playing music and games doesn’t give a back up of more than 2-3 hours. Just very ordinary for a multi- media set .

Honestly it would be better if you stay a bit away from the set and if you’re planning to buy it better drop the plan as you will be only making people like my brother a bit busier. All the phones which my bother has sold has suffered from the problem and I have seen plenty of the sets lying at the nearby service center as well.

The slider is very prone to malfunction and gets damaged very easily. Even the best of care isn’t enough for the phone. Actually my brother owns a mobile repair shop and I see the phone every other day with the same slider problem. He takes a good sum of money for replacing the strip which is the reason behind the problem. The strips get cut and as the result the slider mal functions. So even after replacing the strips the phone is bound to get damaged in just 2-3 months times. Honestly it is one major source of income for my brother and most of the mobile repairers around.

The phone has some exceptional features for a very low price ,good reception quality and java game support being just the few. Everything from styling to function ability is good about the phone but the phone suffers from a very major setback.

Samsung J600 a very sleek and stylish looking multi media and slider set by Samsung. It really looks good and is reasonably priced as well. The set has a 1.3 mega pixel camera and supports up to 2 GB of expandable memory. The phone just cost around 120 dollars and is a multi media set generally for the middle class.

I still grateful because it stiil good in playing tracks. It can produces good voice from it’s’ Walkman Media Player ‘. Besides that I still has some problem about this mobile which I want to share to you. That is about it’s earphone and navigation key (joystick). First it’s about earphone. At first it worked normally, but only some weeks after that, it worked badly. Produced it can not clean voice. In fact, I must use a headset or speakerphone when I have some callings. Second it’s about navigation key. It use the joystick which is very easily damaged. Sometimes I felt very irritated with this.

It is only VGA camera, but the resolution photo of the result can be enlarged to 1280×960 pixels. Yes, it like a 1.3 MP camera. With this I can document a special moment. But, some months later … Oh, damn! My camera work badly. My camera’s sensor does not sensitive anymore! My photos are become blur, and some of my photos are corrupted. Some hours later when I went to school I met one of my friends. She also has a Sony Ericsson W200i. When I asked her, turns her mobile also has the same problem like my mobile. “My camera works badly”, she said. Now, I realize that it is a ‘music’ phone, not a ‘camera’ phone.

Sony Ericsson W200i. It is my first camera phone. At first, I feel very satisfied with this phone. Although it is a ‘Walkman’ phone, but it also has a good enough camera.

Nokia 3600 Slide

I really liked it as it is very easy to use. And it also has everything an average user like me needs (from a good music player to a quite good camera). It is true that it is missing now almost self-evident characteristics, such as the GPS receiver and support for 3G networks. Nevertheless, I believe that the Nokia 3600 slide is a good multimedia phone.

It has quite a god battery, as even with lots of usage it still keeps the phone running for a couple of days. It has really nice menus and different additional functions make this phone very easy to use and flexible. All in all Nokia 3600 slide is an excellent little slide phone. SO if you do not need a lot of cutting-edge features this phone will be more than good for you.

It is quite small and light phone. The phone uses well-known Nokia’s S40 user interface, which, despite its years is still good. I must say I have not encountered any problems while using it. It is an elegant phone. I really like it’s nice big screen (240×320, 16m colors) as it makes it much easier to browse through phone and to watch photos. You can capture really nice and quality photos (3,2MP), though it takes some time for the phone to open the camera mode, but I do not mind.

Samsung a837

All in all I really like the phone, and I think it will be a good phone that will last me for a long time, and I am one of those people that is pretty rough on them.

My only complaint is the same as with any other cell phone, and that is you can’t disable the internet feature without losing the ability to send pictures with text messages. I have never needed or even wanted to use the internet on my phone, however the Samsung Rugby has built in GPS, and I would like to use that, but it requires an internet usage plan.

I have had my Samsung a837 (also known as the “Rugby”) for a week now, and I have to say that I like it a lot. It has been very user friendly, and seems to be built to last. I have watched several youtube videos of people dunking them under water, and pulling them out and they work just fine, however I am not willing to try this with mine. it claims to be water resistant and shock resistant and after looking at how it is put together I believe that it could take quite a beating, but I wouldn’t try to use it to take underwater pictures.

Sony Ericsson W580i

The Sony Ericsson W580i is very modern looking. It is a slider phone that has a very sleek, slim and compact design. It is light weight and would fit in the palm of your hands. Mine has shiny light pink color that I simply adore and my husband’s is black, so masculine! There are other colors available aside from this two. There’re red, white, grey and green.

I have been a user of Sony Ericsson Walkman Phone W300i for the last couple of years and I have been very satisfied with it. However, just recently, we have to renew our contract with AT & T and we have the chance to upgrade mobile units free of charge ( after mail-in rebate ). Who wouldn’t grab that opportunity? My husband and I decided to get the W580i, also made my Sony Ericsson and is also a walkman phone. I got it 2 days ago and I just love it. It comes with the stereo headset and the USB wire that can help in connecting the phone to a laptop/PC. I was so at ease using it because it is almost like my old W300i, just better! It has a lot of great features.

It has the walkman player that allows you to enjoy your favorite songs while you are on the move with just one click. It supports Mp3 and AAC formats. You can create playlist, play, rewind, shuffle and even equalize just a like an MP3 Player in your phone! Aside from that, it has a built-in FM radio too! I
should not fail to acknowledge the Shake Control that allows you to change tracks by just shaking your phone, wonderful, isn’t it?! Aside from music, there are also games, video streaming and video viewing. You can also customize themes, screensavers, wallpapers, light effects and ring tones according to your taste.

Just like the usual mobile phones, W580i has the organizer which includes the Alarm clock, Calculator , Calendar , Notepad , Stopwatch and the Timer . As added feature to that, it has the Fitness feature that allows you to monitor calories burned and more. It also have the Messaging feature that allows you to send text messages, picture message and even emails thru your mobile phone. It also allows you to go wireless and hands-free thru its Bluetooth connectivity. You can transfer files, you can talk while driving (though its still not advisable) and listen to music thru this fabulous Bluetooth technology! When it comes to entertainment, this phone will not let you down as well.
But my favorite added and improved features are the 2 megapixel camera, that has up to 4x digital xoom and video functions as well.
It just take 2 hours to fully charge the phone. And its been actively on use for the past 2 days, because of calls, downloads and stuff but the battery life is not even half.
Also, I have to lower down the volume because, it gets pretty loud sometimes.
I don’t like the keypad much. But who cares, I seldom use it. All the functions you need are in front and you don’t need the keypad much, unless you text a lot and you need to input new contact.
In conclusion
I may fail to cover all the cool features of this phone but I assure you that in the 2 days time, I can assure that this is one cool phone. I just hope that durability is not sacrificed. (well it’s a sony ericsson so I expect it to be durable).

Nokia N81 8GB

All in all, the Nokia N81 is a fairly balanced package, offering Nokia’s fine engineering and some decent features such as 8GB of storage and N-Gage support. Calls are clear and signal reception is good. Battery life is average, especially considering the multimedia capabilities. If you can get this phone on a reduced contract or cash price, go for it. It offers a lot of the features of its more expensive counterparts like the Nokia N95 or N96 but without the hefty price tag.

The phone has 8GB of built in flash memory but lacks a memory card slot that seems limiting to people who like to carry a large selection of media around with them. It handles music, video playback and photographs pretty well, but the phone does tend to slow down as you start filling up the memory. Also, it comes with a meager 2MP camera, which is disappointing since most camera phones these days include at least a 3.2MP camera, but this is a minor quibble. The phone is also rather chunky, and feels uncomfortable in your pocket, requiring a slipcase or belt clip instead.

The N81 offers support for Nokia’s revived N Gage games, and implements the feature pretty well thanks to dedicated gaming keys on the dual slider and a large, bright screen. My only problem with N Gage is the exorbitant price of their games but I’m sure they’ll drop as the format becomes more popular. You can purchase games from Nokia or just enter N Gage into a search engine like Google or Yahoo and you’ll find plenty of games to download, some of which are free. Internet on the go is a welcome reality thanks to 3G and Wi-Fi enabled connections, but it is commonly difficult to navigate and view web pages on any cell phone screen due to the size restrictions of the screen and input via a small directional keypad, so its application is quite limited. You can also use the phone as a 3G modem to connect your computer or laptop to the Internet wirelessly while on the go.